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Welcome, our Dining Room is now open!

For those of you who don’t know us, all our food is prepared fresh in house, right down to the ketchup & mustard. We try to source as much meat & produce from local distributors, growers, & farmers as possible. We are committed to being a responsible business that cares more about our customers & our planet than our bottom line.

Burger Antics: Grillin’ the American Dream!

Dan & Brenna

Dine-In Hours

Thursday thru Sunday- 3pm to 9pm

Monday thru Wednesday- CLOSED

Holiday Closures

Easter   Independence Day

Halloween   Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve   Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve   New Year’s Day

Burger of the Week

Yo Gabagool-a!

Yo Gabagool-a!

spicy capicola, fresh mozzarella, & asparagus relish on a bed of chargrilled tomato

Burger Antics is located at 3740 Grand Blvd. in Brookfield Illinois
(708) 255-5182

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